Digital or physical?

Here’s a lovely review of Binary Dust by Steve Mayall [2003] at

“It often seems as if digital music manufacturers compete to cram the most technology into the lightest, most tiny, pocket device.

So it was refreshing to discover the latest musical release from avant-garde performer and new media veteran Gavin Starks: a musical rock. Starks, who founded Tornado and is now MD of UK digital music services company Consolidated Independent, has embedded a music playback device into a 19kg smooth granite rock, which plays his own compositions when manipulated by optical controls in the stone.

There’s something inspiringly retro-futuristic / stone-age / space-age about the release, which Starks is calling “Binary Dust” and comes under a Creative Commons licence. But proving that Starks is nothing if not forward-thinking, the creator promises that future versions will be solar-powered.”


You can access all the music as digital downloads 

listen to tracks for free on this site

download full CD-quality tracks for free (or pay whatever you feel like)

— purchase downloadable tracks from a number of online retailers (if they are still carrying them, it’s been a while);


You can order four physical things including:

1. A personalised, custom CD (£25), or an LP (£poa)

2. A dedicated hardware music player, as a 19kg solid granite installation (£poa). It has an embedded player and FM transmitter. This work is dedicated to Alexei Blinov, who created the original electronics prototype. 


Which, given it’s solid granite, is also waterproof 🙂

3. A dedicated exceptional-quality book of the track cover artwork and other images (£285).

In 2010 the words ‘Binary Dust’ were designed and cut into a number of forms (for example, cut in solid copper) taken to, and placed in, many unusual and unique places.

This is a collection of photographs taken from all over the world as I’ve travelled, in an extremely high-quality print book. It is boxed, with a solid acrylic cover and high-gloss imagery throughout. Some photos below.

4. Or you can create covers as a series of art-quality prints (on paper or aluminium).

For example, a 30x30cm album-cover metal print with aluminium subframe to ‘float mount’ (£80). Here are some examples.

If you are feeling adventurous, can also make your own with this online print service here

Please e-mail me directly if you would like to discuss.