Performances, events and talks.

20 Sep 2012 Paper presentation and music performance at ISEA New Mexico (USA)
5+6 Oct 2007 Music performance
Jodrell Bank 50th Anniversary
Cheshire (UK)
Jan 2007 Radio performance, courtesy of Radioqualia Polar Radio
3 Feb 2006 Music performance @ Planetarium
Bandits-Mages festival
Bourges (FR)
31 Jan 2006 “Acoustic Cosmology”
Session: aller-retour/science-music
Museum of Science, postwith photos and related article
Poitiers (FR)
24 Nov 2005 Astrophysics and Acousmatic Music talk & performance
Institute of Physics
Liverpool (UK) View slides
10 Sept 2005 Placard headphone festival
(Absorptance, ds2 series1)
London (UK)
23 July 2005 Resonance FM – Placard highlights
(Joan of Arc)
London (UK)
21 July 2005 Placard (and Eric‘s birthday)
(Absorptance, Joan of Arc, ds2 series1)
London (UK)
(Happy Birthday tune, and FFT of the same sound)
19-21st May 2005 Space:Planetary Consciousness and the Arts‘ – 10th Workshop and Symposium Château d’Yverdon
(Switzerland) View slides
29 April 2005 Cybersonica “Symposium on Music and Science”, 2:30-3:45pm
(ds2 series1)
Dana Centre, Science Museum, London (UK)
26 Feb 2005 “La France”, private concert
(Tempest, Joan of Arc, Absorptance, Glass, ds2 series1)
London (UK)
19 Nov 2004 Resonance FM
(Absorptance, ds2 series1)
London (UK) Radio show
View and listen
12 Nov 2004 DEAF04: Affective Turbulence
Biennial international festival for electronic art
(ds2 series1)
Rotterdam (Netherlands)View slides
10 Nov 2004 SPRAWL: Underground playground
(Tempest, Absorptance, ds2 series1)
London (UK)
20 Oct 04 DORKBOT: People doing strange things with electricity
(ds2 series1)
London (UK)
22 July 2004 ACOUSTIC SPACE: RT32 Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of the conversion of the RT32 telescope at VIRAC, Riga & Irbene, Latvia. A collaboration between VIRAC, RIXC & r a d i o q u a l i a.
(ds2 series1 was written for this event)
Iberne (Latvia)
Music performed at various events, including:the International Computer-Music Conferencethe Melbourne Institute of Modern Art

Discoveries Festival in Aberdeen

and Virtual Reality Audio research published in IEEE

Aarhus (Denmark)
Aberdeen (Scotland)
Amsterdam (Netherlands)
Banff (Canada)
Glasgow (Scotland)
Hong Kong
London (England)
Melbourne (Australia)
Master of Music degree in Computer-Music 3-D Sound,
Virtual Reality Audio
Astronomy degree (2:1) Astronomy, Physics, Maths, Computing
Various experiments with electronic music Isle of Arran (Scotland)